Friday, May 6, 2016

To The City of Vancouver,

Although we are a neighborhood not in the city's limits, we've worked with the City of Vancouver for many years and also have an interest in the corridor as it is the southern boundary of our Association.

In email to the City of Vancouver, we stated our concerns with this intersection. "Although there is no left turns from Fourth Plain Blvd westbound at NE 143rd AVE, the one sign in place (at the the street median) has faded throughout the years and doesn't have enough visual and reflective quality to be effective."  As a remedy for this issue, we asked "to get that sign replaced, perhaps with a larger size and/or adding an additional no left turn sign to the overhead signal as well".  ~Christie BrownSilva, President

On behalf the Sifton Neighborhood Association, we'd like to extend a big Thank You to Mayor Leavitt, Vancouver City Council and Staff!

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