Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Code Enforcement; taking care of our neighborhoods.

Tall Grass/Weeds, Noise, Inoperable or Abandoned Vehicles and more.  Sometimes it's an issue for Code Enforcement, sometimes it's also a concern for the Sheriff's Office, Fire Department and/or others.  See below:

"Dear Neighbor

Our neighborhoods are where we live, shop, play, and work. They are an extension of our homes and, just as we take care of our homes, we also need to take care of our neighborhoods. The Code Enforcement program is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of the county by providing effective public service in the enforcement of the county’s zoning, nuisance, and building codes.

This neighborhood guide was developed to assist you in understanding Clark County’s ordinances and in knowing who to call to obtain a particular service or receive additional information. It is intended as a general summary of information, but not as a substitute for actual Clark County Code.

Working together, we can be proud of our neighborhoods while continuing to contribute in making Clark County a desirable place to live.

Paul Scarpelli

Code Enforcement Manager"

*Source:  Neighborhood Guide

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